Elk, wild boar and lynx hunting

Elk, wild boar and lynx hunting


We offer you guided hunt using advanced equipment manufactured by foreign companies (snowmobiles, four wheelers) under the supervision of experienced huntsmen. The hunting will be a thrilling experience second to none.

The program cited below was prepared for a group of  high-ranking guests who appreciate comfort and want every minutest detail to be taken care of. Because we think that the wishes of the client are what matters, we will use an individual approach to each of you. All conditions (accommodation, meals etc.) can be changed, therefore the cost can be much lower! 

 Program 15.12-18.12

Day one (Tuesday, 15-12-2009)

Transportation from Perm by helicopter and car

7 : 00 p.m. Arrival at The Barins Place Country Inn. Welcome ceremony outside with traditional Russian drinks, our specialty fresh trout sandwiches, home-made spiced lard etc.

7 : 20 p.m. Accommodation at the VIP cottage

8 : 00 p.m. Dinner. Barbeque patties made of our specialty chopped meat (elk, doe, wild boar), home-made game sausages, specially salted trout, trout fillet pie, jellied chopped elk meat (holodets), a wide choice of pickled vegetables.

Day two (Wednesday, 16-12-2009)

8 : 30 a.m. Breakfast. Cottage cheese wrapped in home-made crepes, home-made sourcream, a choice of various kinds of porridge, milk shake, tea, coffee, milk.

9 : 30 a.m. Departure for the hunt in 3 snowmobiles (1 snowmobile-drawn sleigh). Movement around the hunting grounds and hunting.

1 : 00 p.m. Lunch in the forest by the fire or in the hunting lodge. Doe meat patties, boiled eggs, home-made spiced pork fat, trout pie, tea, coffee.

2 : 00 p.m. Elk and wild boar hunt

5 : 30 p.m. Arrival at The Barins Place Country Inn

6 : 00 p.m. Russian bathhouse (services of the bathhouse attendant at the guests request). After the steamroom, the guests may relax in the lounge and taste the delicious tea made of local herbs and light hors doeuvres (light salted trout fillet, pickled vegetables, home-made finely cut vegetable paste and a great choice of other dishes).

9 : 00 p.m. Dinner. Home-made borshch with doe and elk meat, game zrazy (stuffed meat pies), roasted liver (if the trophy was a large elk or wild boar), home-made jellied chopped meat, salads and a choice of appetizers.

Day three (Thursday, 17-12-09)

8 : 00 a.m. Breakfast that includes the dishes ordered by the guests on the night before

9 : 00 a.m. Departure for the hunt. Program the same as on the day before.

5 : 00 p.m. Arrival at The Barins Place Country Inn

6 : 00 p.m. Russian bathhouse (services of the bathhouse attendant at the guests request). Herbal tea, light hors doeuvres, light salted grayling fillet with slices of onion under lemon juice and olive oil dressing served in the lounge

9 : 00 p.m. Dinner. Tsar style solyanka (thick soup made of smoked wild boar ribs, doe and elk fillet and mushrooms (king boletes)), oven-baked young wild boar ham served with greens (soaked in special marinade before cooking), home-made game sausages, salads, meat pâté canapés, pickled vegetables etc.

Day four (Friday, 18-12-09)

10 : 00 a.m. Breakfast. Tsar style fish soup (a thick soup made of the Siberian grayling and taimen (a species of salmon) with trout fillet added), Hunter Style noodles (doe and wild boar meat cooked on a charcoal grill is finely chopped, stewed with tomatoes and onion and fried together with noodles), crepes, a choice of porridges, tea, coffee.

Our head hunter himself will cook the Tsar Style fish soup and the Hunter Style noodles for you!

You will catch all trout that will be cooked for you in the ponds in the area of the inn!

11 : 00 a.m. A ride in snowmobiles combined with sightseeing you will see such local landmarks as the Plakun (the Weeper) waterfall and the Love Cliff. Afterwards you can have light lunch (if you wish).

2 : 00 p.m. Russian style seeing off ceremony

We will be happy if you come and appreciate our superb cuisine and warm hospitality!


The hunting season begins on 15 November, 2009 and ends on 15 January, 2010.

The best time for hunting is from 15 December until 15 January
(Advantages: deep snow; you can use snowmobiles; the elk and the wild boar are more active in the cold weather, so it is easier to come upon their fresh tracks).

It is best to hunt on weekdays as there are very few hunters in the forest.

Cost of the license

Elk                       RUR 45,000.00

Big wild boar      RUR 25,000.00

Small wild boar  RUR 15,000.00  

We advise you to obtain a license to hunt a big elk and a small wild boar. If the hunters do not see an elk within shooting distance (170 m for a carbine or 50 m for a rifle), we will reimburse 100% of the elk license cost and you will pay 60% of the total invoice amount!!!You will find a lot of elk and wild boar on our hunting grounds!

You will hunt at the distance of 1 to 15 km of the Barins Place Country Inn.

Conditions: In the morning all riflemen must be sober; you must have a hunting rifle or a carbine (with the caliber not less than 7.62 mm); rifle cartridges (we recommend to use cartridges by foreign manufacturers); bullets and caseshot at least 6.2 mm in diameter. Use half-jacketed bullets for the carbine.

A list of clothes that the huntsman recommends to have with you:

A warm Gore-Tex type weatherproof winter suit, warm waterproof boots and gloves, a weatherproof hat, a scarf, a change of underwear, a camouflage cloak, warm socks, slippers and a toothbrush. We recommend you to use Polartec 100, Polartec 200 or 300 thermal underwear that will make you feel comfortable during a snowmobile ride, at cold temperatures and when waiting for the animal for a long time or other hunting clothes.

You can also hunt in November using the following vehicles: Niva jeeps and Kawasaki and Bombardier four-wheelers.


The number of hunters can be 1 to 7 persons.

Invoice for all services from the 15th until the 17th of December

Invoiced amount per 5 persons:

  • Accommodation (3 nights)   RUR 32,000.00
  • Bathhouse    RUR 4,800.00
  • Dinner on 15-12-2009 (1800×5)  RUR 9,000.00
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on 16-12-09
    (bathhouse services included)         RUR 15,000.00         
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on 17-12-09
    plus wild boar ham (5× RUR 3600 + RUR 9000)      RUR 27,000.00    
  • VIP breakfast (including lunch) on 18-12-2009            RUR 10,000.00  (5× RUR 2,000)   
  • Services of 3 huntsmen  RUR 20,000.00               (RUR 10,000/day ×2 days)
    Hire of 1 snowmobile for 8 hours, RUR 1800 per hour × 2 days           RUR 28,800.00
  • Hire of 3 snowmobiles × RUR 28,800.00                                        RUR 86,400.00
  • 1.5-hour sightseeing trip in snowmobiles RUR 8,000    


RUR 212,200.00


  • Hire of a MI 8 helicopter for transportation from Perm to The Barins Place inn -RUR 80,400.00
       (the price includes flight forward and back, duration 1 hour 20 minutes × RUR 67,000)
  • Hire of a MI 8 helicopter for transportation from The Barins Place inn to Perm -     RUR 80,400.00


plus hunting licenses:

  • Elk                       RUR 45,000.00
  • Big wild boar      RUR 25,000.00
  • Small wild boar  RUR 15,000.00



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