Russian cuisine. Game dishes

Russian cuisine. Game dishes

To cook meals for you, we use only natural locally grown vegetables and milk from local cows that graze in pastures free from pollution on the bank of the Sylva River in Suksun Area, Perm Region. We use game (elk, doe and wild boar) to cook our meat dishes. The elk and wild boar are huntered for meat on the local hunting grounds. The doe meat is brought from the hunting grounds in the Kurgan Region. At your request we can cook pork, beef and chicken !!!

1. Fixed menu (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you order your meals for 4 to 16 people, you pay a 20% supplement to the order price)

Price: RUR 1200

breakfast  - RUR 300 + Lavazza coffee

lunch        -  RUR 450

      -  RUR 450

+ a supplement of RUR 600 if lunch or dinner is cooked on a barbecue: tender young pork kebabs, patties made of our specialty chopped meat (elk, doe and wild boar) served under the delicious Georgian Sacebeli sauce or home-made sausages made of elk and wild boar meat.

An example of traditional breakfast menu:

  • A choice of cereals
  • Crepes with strawberry jam and home-made sourcream
  • Milk shake (ice-cream, bananas, fruit juice, fruit, milk)
  • Milk, tea or coffee at your choice

2. VIP menu - We recommend you this menu if you are arranging a party that starts during daytime and lasts all night for a big company of 16 persons or more (this is the kind of meal when the guests start with breakfast and then gradually pass over to lunch that eventually becomes dinner). The meal includes fresh cold and hot dishes that are served continuously, finely cut slices of cold meat and fish arranged on big plates, pies etc. The food is served from 9 : 00 a.m. until 10 : 00 p.m. The price includes service in the summer kitchen.

Price RUR 1850

Price including dishes cooked on a grill RUR 2450

If you order your meals at our inn, you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the finest Russian cuisine and enjoy plenty of dishes. Our chefs will cook hearty meals to your taste. Soups, appetizers and salads, game dishes, Russian crepes (blinys) served with strawberry jam, butter or sourcream who could ask for more! There are no limitations as to the amount of food you can eat till youre full!!!

Delicious meals for real gourmets to enjoy!

Fee for the chefs ADDITIONAL TIME after 10 : 00 p.m. RUR 450 per hour 2.1 VIP meals

We can change the menu at your request.

You can also order:

1. Oven-baked young wild boar ham (we soak it in special marinade in advance to make the meat especially tender and spicy):

  • 3 kg RUR 9,000
  • 6 kg RUR 15,000
  • 7 kg RUR 16,000

 2. Oven-baked young pork ham (we soak it in special marinade in advance to make the meat especially tender and spicy):

 100 g RUR 100 (average weight 6 kg)

 3. Oven-baked suckling pig:

 100 g - RUR 130 (average weight 5 kg)

 4. Roast goose with apple stuffing:

 1 goose RUR 3500 (average weight 4,5 kg) ~ included in the VIP menu

5. Barins solyanka (thick solyanka soup made of doe and elk tenderloin, smoked wild boar ribs, mushrooms)

 400 g + 200 if included in the fixed menu ~ included in the VIP menu Vip

 6. Barins fish soup (thick Siberian grayling and taimen (a kind of salmon) soup)

 400 g + 400 if included in the fixed menu

During your stay at The Barins Place country inn,  you will always have the  opportunity to taste delicious younbg pork kebabs, barbeque patties made of our specialty chopped meat (elk, doe and wild boar), meat dumplings (elk and wild boar meat filling), grilled trout and pickled mushrooms. You can make an order for any number of people.

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