Boat hire

You will make an exciting and romantic motorboat trip down the beautiful Sylva River. Its water gets warm through in summer; that is why the locals love it so much.  If you want to get out of town for the weekend - the valleys of the Sylva and its tributaries are probably the best place in the region to do that. The name of the Sylva River, the largest tributary of the Chusovaya, was derived from two words in the Komi language syl melted snow and va water, that is melted snow water. It has its source in the woody hills of the Pre-Ural region.  Fast and quite deep in the early summer, the river takes its course between the luxurious steep banks. Its magnificent cliffs are different from those one may see on the Chusovaya River.  They rather look like long steep walls built of horizontal layers of slate or limestone. The legendary Yermak, a famous Russian explorer of Siberia who lived in the 16th century, was said to have lost his way somewhere here as he started his long journey across the unknown land that he was to discover and conquer to the glory of Russia. He and others who set out together with him, strong and courageous people, fell in love with the rich and wonderful nature of the Urals.

Boats available for hire:

  • MNEV 380 4-seat rubber boat, 15 hp Yamaha motor, rigid bottom. Cost: 1 day RUR 3,500, 2 days RUR 5,000
  • MNEV 330 3-seat rubber boat, 8 hp Yamaha motor, rigid bottom. 1 day RUR 2,700, 2 days RUR 4,000

The price includes: transportation of the boat to the Sylva River (300 m) and back, assembly, fuelling (petrol, oil), mounting of the motor, instructions.







You can also visit the famous Kungur ice cave. The Kungur cave was formed from gypsum and anhydrite in the Kungur layer of the Perm system. The total length of the passages and the grottos is 5.6 km; there are several lakes.  The part of the cave that is closer to the entrance (the Diamond grotto, the Polar grotto etc.) boasts of a vast number of glittering ice crystals, stalagmites and stalactites.

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