SPA centre

We offer you a newly opened SPA tub where you will enjoy crystal clear water and an unlimited number of variations of air and water massage delivered in the open air both in the hot summer and during the cold winter. The tub can be used by 6 persons simultaneously.

Immersion in the warm water dilates your blood vessels, improves blood circulation and oxygen flow in all  body tissues. When immersed in the spa water, your body loses 90% of its weight, and the zero gravity effect relieves muscle tension and stress. The warm water streams can actively stimulate the muscles; their tender touch can soothe your muscles. They can be used to deliver deep intensive or soft surface massage. The spa tub helps you recover after physical or mental stress; it also heals bruises and sprains.

To sum up, water treatment in the spa tub relieves stress. SPA makes your brain function more efficiently. SPA water massage improves your blood pressure. Spend 10 to 15 minutes in the hot spa tub and you will feel as full of life and energy as if you have had a light and pleasant workout in a gym.

4 hours in the tub cost RUR 6,000 plus a supplement of RUR 300 for each additional hour

Please remember that you have to book the SPA tub 48 hours in advance!


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