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to enjoy your time at The Barins Place country inn, a unique recreation facility located in a picturesque setting on the bank of the Sylva River that was made famous by Yermak, a famous Russian explorer and a conqueror of Siberia, back in the 16th century.

The inn features 5 comfortable double bedrooms where you will feel at home and offers delicious game dishes created by our wonderful chef, fried trout and fish soup, trout stroganina - a traditional Northern dish made of sliced frozen fish or trout khe salad (Korean food), pickled mushrooms with sour cream dressing and other traditional Russian dishes. Here you will taste delicious, healthy food of the Russian cuisine that we cook out of the vegetables that we grow on our own agricultural area, under natural conditions, without the use of any harmful substances. Clean air, natural water and vegetables that we grow using the traditional methods that our forefathers used all this will contribute to the taste of the food that we cook for you and make it healthier. Having tasted our food once, you will understand what healthy food is and appreciate its quality. We offer food that conforms to the requirement of being delicious and healthy and is cooked out of organic, country-grown products, and we are doing our best to minimize the range of products that we have to buy in shops, limiting it to vegetable oil, sugar and salt, the rest being fresh organic products grown and cooked for you that we offer from the bottom of our hearts.   Those who are keen on cooking can use a fully equipped kitchen where every gadget is provided, including a gas stove, a dishwasher, a fridge and a complete set of tableware, or a summer kitchen (cookhouse) that can seat 12 people, a charcoal grill and a barbeque.

You will feel refreshment of your mind and body if you indulge yourself in a Russian banya (sauna) where you can have a very special birch twig (venik) massage and ask for the services of an attendant and a masseur.
In front of the cottage there is a rainbow trout pond where you can spend a couple of hours fishing the process is easy and pleasant and does not require any complex preparations or equipment. You can also try sport fishing fly fishing for grayling and chub on the rivers Sylva and Irgina under the supervision of an experienced guide.


You will make an exciting and romantic motorboat trip down the beautiful Sylva that takes its course between the luxurious steep banks and admire a breathtaking sight of the tall vertical cliffs. Or you can choose to take a tour to the frozen wonders of the famous Kungur ice cave. 

The area is tick-free.

You can have karaoke, badminton, mountain bikes, backgammon, chess and hammocks at your disposal.

In winter we offer snowmobile riding (all snowmobiles come from Japanese manufactureres), sleighing, picnics in the forest, ice hole swimming. The inn is just a couple of miles away from the Klyuchi health resort with its downhill skiing facilities. 

We have completed finish and trim work in a 3-storey house made of ecologically clean natural stone and rounded logs. The cottage has a balcony, spacious bedrooms, a large sitting room and a fireplace. There is also a kitchen area, 3 PDPs, karaoke and a stereo audio system. The newly completed cottage can sleep 10 persons. 

You will enjoy our recently opened SPA swimming pool with crystal clear water and unlimited variations of air and water massage in the open air provided both in hot summer and cold winter.


Just 500 meters away from the inn opens the stunning view of the Plakun (the Weeper) waterfall an amazing natural wonder that was named so because it drops seven meters, forming two narrow streams that break into tiny splashes before they reach the ground. The splashes look like tears, which creates the impression that the river bank is weeping. The fall looks especially impressive in summer but it also offers an impressive sight in winter when it is covered with a thick ice shield, sparkling in the sun but never freezing up completely.

Close by down the Sylva River is a place where the Burning Bush image of the God's Mother was miraculously found. This is a miracle working icon that is kept in a church in the town of Suksun. Every summer, on the 10th of July, pilgrims take part in the procession of the cross, carrying the icon to the place where it appeared. After the public prayer ceremony, those who participate in the procession bathe in the falling water of the Weeper that is considered to be a sacred spring.
If you fill a vessel with the water from the fall and bring it home, you will see that the water remains clear and tasty for a long time, at the same time keeping its healing properties.

Bathing in the sacred spring is a tradition that attracts pilgrims and tourists in any season and any weather. If you step under the dropping cold streams and are strong enough to repeat this procedure three times, you will remain healthy for the whole year.


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